Sunday, March 30, 2014

Truck Drivers Prone to Bladder and Kidney Infections

Three years ago - 15 months after I started driving long-haul - I had a problem peeing for a period of 3 days. My bladder felt full and I couldn't 'go.' It was followed by a whole lot of pain from my right Kidney. At that time I didn't put the 2 issues together. I brushed off the peeing problem as a 'sensor malfunction,' and the Kidney pain as a result of the Energy Drinks I consumed.

I've had a couple more bouts of Kidney pain over the past few years of driving. During all the bouts I was consuming high amounts of Energy Drinks. I've also heard from other drivers about their Kidney pain. Each saying they consume lots of Energy Drinks too. So I kept dismissing each time as 'just a side effect.' And then cut back on the Drinks and switched a bit more to distilled water. The pain in each instance continued for a few weeks to a month.

A week ago I had the same symptoms as 3 years ago - with the inability to 'go' - for a few days. And it was followed by my right Kidney flaring up again, as it has a few times over the years. This time I'm putting the 2 symptoms together, as I realize they are related issues. It's not the Energy Drinks or a 'sensor malfunction.' It's an infection.

Truck Drivers are prone to Bladder and Kidney infections for a couple of reasons.

Obviously we sit for long periods of time. Often times being pressured to keep the load moving. And when we're not being pressured to keep the load moving, a lot of us stay in that mindset. So we're skipping by the few Rest Areas and Truck Stops we pass -- chances to stop and release the bacteria-laden bio-waist. So the bacteria multiplies. And when we sit for long enough, the bio-waste has chance to reflux back into the Kidney. Boom! Infected!

Here's another reason. Because of the job, we're often times miles - even hundreds of miles - away from a toilet. So guys and gals will store the excreted bio-waste in used water jugs (or whatever). It's a nessesity - we got no choice.

Referred to as 'Thunder Jugs' (terminology credit: Jared Pinkard) these containers give opportunity for the bacteria to multiply. Truck Drivers will often reuse the same Thunder Jug for weeks and even months at a time. And with the bacteria hanging around, each time the Thunder Jug comes in contact with the driver's skin is another chance for the bladder to become infected.

I'm trying to get home for my Hometime. But, right now I'm brokedown and having to get my load repowered/relayed. When I get home I'll get with my Doctor for some treatment. Anti-biotics are the treatment, I've read.

More Info from WebMD: Kidney Infection, Symptoms and Treatments

I've been looking forward to an AR-15 build project I was going to film for my YouTube Channel. But, right now this has a chance to screw all that up. Because of the pain I'm in. I do have an offer from a friend to take my place in the video -- if I talk him through the build. LOL Don't tell him this, but, it's been over a decade since I built one. Anyway we'll see what happens in a week or so...

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