Thursday, April 4, 2013

Temporally Dedicated... to Walmart

I just emptied out in Kansas City last Thursday when I got tapped to help out Walmart. Too many loads stacked up and not enough Walmart trucks to handle them. 15 trucks from Knight Transportation and Crete Carrier took up the residual loads at Walmart's St James Missouri D.C.

Walmart DC St James MO

Both Swift and Werner had offered me a position in one of their dedicated Walmart fleets. But, I turned them down because it required me to move. And also because I prefer the verity of running 48-State. It's good to get a sample of what I'd be doing.

Most of the loads I took were to a store. I dropped the loaded trailer in a dock and there was always an empty waiting for me. Then Dispatch would either send me back to the D.C. for another preloaded trailer, or they'd send me to a vender for a live load destined for the D.C. Some of the loads were from D.C. to D.C. I ran a couple of those to/from St James MO, Ottawa KS and Menomonie WI.

I have to say I liked running Walmart Dedicated a lot. Most of the Missouri Walmart stores were in the boonies. So I got to see some Missouri countryside I've never seen before. I was also always running into them Amish in their Horse-and-Buggies. I waved, they waved back. They're always so happy.

I was going to get some photos, but, we finished up the residual loads a day and a half early. That's good, right? Doh...

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