Sunday, December 9, 2012


Most Truck Drivers have a difficult time going back on the road after Hometime. I'm no exception. I'm on the road for 45+ days (Crete Carrier's 48-State RDO 45 Division). And then I get 5 days off or 'Hometime.' Our time-off is roughly equivalent to 28% of the average American's Weekend, working a 40-hour work week.

Going back on the road has been getting harder and harder this year. It's been emotionally draining getting just 5 days and then leaving my comfort zone for 6 weeks or longer. On this last Hometime it got closer and closer to having to get ready to leave again. I was supposed to be on the road at 10:00 am. 8 o'clock comes around and I'm not getting ready. Then 9, 9:30 and finally 9:45. I couldn't do it. I needed a break.

I called my boss at the Salt Lake City terminal - Janell King - and asked to take a month of leave time. I explained my issues with not being able to leave home. She called it 'driver burnout' and said it was common. She put me on leave for the month.

When I've been on my Hometimes in the past I never go anywhere. Because I've been moving the past month and a half. So it's nice to just shutdown and stay in one place for 5 days. Now that I'm on Leave I've been leaving the house and going places. Doing things.

I'm also spending time playing my Druid. And I have plans to goto the shooting range with a neighbor.

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